How to prevent the inner layer of the glass from bursting

The material of the glass is relatively easy to break, and breaking and scalding are common phenomena. The phenomenon of the glass bursting and breaking is easy to burn people, and it cannot be used in the later period. The inner layer burst and shattered?

1. To buy a product with better quality, it has the function of preventing explosion.

2. After buying the double-layer glass, put it in water and heat it to boil, which can effectively prevent the problem of bursting.

3. When using in winter, do not fill up with hot water immediately. You can use a small amount of water to warm it up before use to prevent the temperature difference from being too large and causing it to burst. Or immerse the cup in warm water, and then rinse the water, or pour a small amount of boiling water first, shake the glass to make the inner wall of the glass evenly heated, and then fill it with boiling water, so that it is not easy to burst.

From the above content, we can understand that to prevent the inner layer of the double-layer glass from bursting and breaking, we need to ensure its quality first, and then use other techniques. Generally, the scalding of the glass is caused by the uneven expansion of the glass and then the pressure difference with the external environment, so it is helpful to master the use method to prevent the inner layer from bursting.